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The most important thing is that you receive the face-time you need with your physiotherapist. At Frederick Physiotherapy all physical therapy sessions are one on one with a highly skilled Registered Physiotherapist at no added cost. The Physiotherapists are trained in the latest physiotherapy techniques that are clinically proven to get you better. The result is a more personalized therapy with a more effective treatment, and recovery time.

Here at Frederick Physiotherapy, we work with each and every client to determine their specific treatment goals. We explain the nature of their injuries and the treatment approach. We also help in the prevention of reoccurrence of injury. The continuous assessments and reassessments of our patients through our relationship ensures progress towards individual goals.

We will consistently and caringly strive to have our clients feel comfortable and cared for. We communicate with our client’s doctor, massage therapist, personal trainer and any other health professionals as needed. This is to ensure that they are receiving the very best care possible.

Here at Frederick Physiotherapy, the bottom line is that we care and are always here to help you be better and feel better.